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Walking all over the world…

Well, not quite all over the world, but who knows what’s next for the Kiltwalk – I hope Carey’s going for world domination 🙂

Having just come back down to earth after the Hampden Kiltwalk, it was back to old clothes and porridge for Duff. Well, it can’t be all glamour ! Actually, in the last few weeks quite a bit of it has been, so no complaints 🙂 Had a most pleasant and unexpected evening out with clients, which started with me showing them round the flat they’d bought in the West End with champagne and ended with dinner at their brother’s house, which has probably the best roof terrace in Glasgow. Good times.

The following night was the Beatson Sporting Dinner at The Hilton, courtesy of Zoe and Brewin Dolphin – a cracking night, which raised plenty of money and had great speakers in Frank Bruno and Andy Nicol. There was much banter (particularly from Maxine) and even more wine, all part of #wilmastraining 🙂

The following week brought an invite from the lovely Alison at the Kiltwalk, to the CHAS Ladies Lunch at Oranmor. Am a fan of Oranmor. And lunch ! Was a top notch afternoon. Alas, Zoe couldn’t join me, but Maxine stood in beautifully. It was hosted by the legend that is Cat Harvey – we even had her do a wee slosh on stage for some extra dosh. Rumour has it that when it’s for charity there’s nothing she won’t do… Also on form and in fine singing voice was Michelle McManus, a top girl, with superb self deprecating humour. Ask her about Superdrug if you see her… Met some lovely ladies from TACC, Sunday Post and Lomond Shores too. Clearly 430pm was too early a finish, so we went for cocktails and forced big Gav to come and join us. A 12 hour lunch is the way forward. And over £8000 was raised, so a great result.

And back to reality. The Kiltwalk were looking for a hand with some stewarding for the Edinburgh walk yesterday, so I volunteered the services of myself and my Dad. It was a smashing day out. We avoided the rain in the morning and manned our spots not far from the finish at Murrayfield for 4 hours – just arriving in time to see the first finisher ! Despite walking all those miles, the majority of the 1500 faces that passed us were still smiling and in some cases singing. And even the ones who were in pain were determined to finish. There were people of all ages, babies being pushed in buggies and one lady who I am told was 85 – she looked great ! The walk had been started by Scottish rugby superstar Chris Paterson, who was full of smiles and chat and posed for photos and autographs. It was nice that STV took notice this time, hopefully they’ll do the same for the remaining 3 Kiltwalks this year 🙂 My favourite bit of the day had to be my Dad, full of importance in his hi-vis stewards vest, refusing to let people park at his spot, as there were walkers crossing the road. He loved it! We left before the last walkers returned, but I’m sure they were greeted with open arms by Alison, Carey, Ian etc – who did a superb job 🙂

And now a shameless plug. Our fundraising site closes tomorrow, so all last minute donations are very welcome – and thanks so much to all who have donated already. Seeing the photos of the kids that the money goes to help on the route yesterday really makes you want to do more. We still have a signed copy of the SAY nominated ‘Tree Bursts in Snow’ cd donated by Admiral Fallow – we’ll put everyone in a draw tomorrow to win it.