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Walk like a man…

Well, maybe not. There was a serious amount of chaffing going on yesterday after The Kiltwalk, some guys just don’t learn ! (Boys – wear pants under your kilts and use Vaseline!)

So, 27th April has been and gone, as has another Kiltwalk. I’m delighted to say team In It To Gin It survived, and apart from a few minor ailments, are all in one piece today. Which, considering my lack of training, is quite impressive. The day before was my birthday and I spent it enjoying some hospitality at Glasgow Warriors, watching them beat Edinburgh to win the 1872 cup. There were a few alcoholic beverages taken and a rather nice meal, so more #wilmastraining than Kiltwalk training! However, it was another superb day from start to finish, quality banter with Geraldine and Sandra and plenty of money raised.

We started at The Hydro this year and am sure we gave some of the locals a fright, 6000 people in kilts strolling along Dumbarton Road isn’t your average Sunday morning. As always, the charity pit stops were great – our favourites being the sausage and tomato crisps, orange quarters, fizzy cola bottles and flying saucers – just what us athletes needed.

The locals who come out along the way to cheer us on and offer support are fab – although I can’t believe I missed the famous ‘pop ups’ – superb to see them and their banner at the end ! One of the highlights for me was as we got to Bonhill bridge we could hear music, we thought someone on the bridge was playing it, but turns out it was Des and Louise McFarlane belting out the tunes themselves in their garden to give us a wee boost ! Check them out on Facebook – they were great!!/pages/Inseparable/211766792183709?fref=ts

Balloch was overrun with Kiltwalkers and the park was full, with free burgers and goody bags as well as the party in the marquee. Believe it or not, after 23 miles the Kiltwalkers still have the energy to sing, dance and enjoy a beer or two!

The senior members of In It To Gin It did us proud by completing the 13 mile half walk – would be rude to mention their ages, but let’s just say over 70. Top effort by Mammy Coleman and Aunty Anne.

Special mention to the team behind the Kiltwalk who make it all happen – Carey the CEO was still cheering people through the finish line when we left at 930pm and Zoey felt the need to show us photos of her blistered feet today – thanks for that ! Rumour has it that Ian Rutherford is signing up for all the other Kiltwalks this year to avoid being given chores – and a blue jacket…

A massive well done to Rhionna McCulloch – she’s 10 and did the full 23 miles – with a rucksack full of Easter eggs that was seriously heavy! Superb achievement 🙂

And thanks to you guys for sponsoring us and helping along the way – Michelle Rodger did phone to check up on us, but we know it was only because she thought it might finish us off and she had her eye on my new handbag ! The twitter and Facebook messages were highly entertaining as always. If you haven’t sponsored us yet, it’s not too late – we’ll keep our page open a bit longer.

Same time next year, girls ?




It’s Raining Again

Aye, Supertramp weren’t kidding when they sang that. Must have been about Glasgow. Having spent the rest of the weekend concentrating on #wilmastraining, I decided today I really had to start my Kiltwalk training. I know which was the easiest ! Friday was a big day – top notch lunch at Red Onion (and I didn’t have a prosecco Chef Q!) then a night in Shanghai Shuffle courtesy of our chums at Scullion Law. Safe to say there were many drinks taken and much dancing done – I blame Kathleen McDermott Carberry for the superb song choices – I mean, who can sit down when ‘Proud Mary’ is on? Must count as exercise 🙂

But back to today. It wasn’t raining when I got up, but that didn’t last long. After some domestic chores and a visit to the Grandparents it wasn’t too wet, so I thought I’d set off, trainers and Bonny Bling bunnet on for the first time since last April. As I don’t do hills – in fact the only walking I’ve done in the last 10 months has been from the house to the car – I decided to leave the car at the start of the Dams to Darnley walk and trot round the dam. Off I popped, singing along to some classic 80’s tunes. All good. Until 15 minutes later when the heavens opened and the rain started pissing down. Not good. But then the hail stones started. Along with the bad language. Not a happy Duff. But – I carried on, 3km in all, although I really had no choice if I wanted to get back to the car. So, soaked and grumpy I headed home thinking of the lovely warm shower I could have… only to arrive back and be told the shower was out of bounds as my Dad had re- sealed it !! Is it any wonder I take a drink ??

However, a big coffee, couple of hours in the office and Sunday roast at McPhabbs with Geraldine have sorted me out. Now I just need you lovely people to make a wee donation to our Kiltwalk fundraising page – that would make my day !


Here you come again…

Dolly Parton had it right when she sang “just when I’ve begun to get myself together”. The Kiltwalk 2013 has been over for 9 months and the pain of those 28 or so miles (not that we’re counting!) is all but a memory. And here I am, digging out the trainers and thinking about getting some practice for this year in. I say thinking about it, it did coincide with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts in the office on Friday and a big night out involving gin, vodka and red bull. So, my training will commence next weekend instead. Despite another night out on Friday. And the Six Nations. Not that I’m procrastinating – no way! And I’ve 83 days, surely that’s plenty ?

Team In It To Gin It’s fundraising page is almost up and running, so get ready to dig deep – it’s all for the kiddies 🙂 And anyone who’d like to join our team, please get in touch.

Any donations of things we can raffle etc would also be most welcome!



Is this the way to Costa coffee?

Ah, well. It’s ten weeks to the Kilt Walk. Ten fecking weeks!!! And I can’t walk the length of myself. And I’m a shortarse.

So, after a day off work on Friday, mainly spent shopping at the Cadbury shop in Livingston – I decided that Saturday would be the day my trainers ventured outside for the first time. And they did. I’m not so good at walking for no good reason, so decided to head for the new drive through Costa at Darnley, a 5.6 mile roundtrip.

And I did it! Bored the pants off everyone on twitter as I tweeted my way along, but it took my mind off the walking – result 🙂 And rather than sit and drink my coffee, I just bought it and carried on. I have to admit to only talking my bank card with me to pay, if I had cash I might have been tempted to to get a bus back. Because I am a lazy git.

Clearly I am not a new wumman, I have had 2 big bowls of macaroni cheese and lots of sweetie shrimps and bananas for dinner. But only to replace the calories I might have lost earlier. And although I did buy some new socks for walking (“it’s all about the socks”, @Cribfather, 2013) I also bought bacon, rolls and a new dress for work. So still the old Duff.

Was worth it just to see the look on Dad’s face when he realised I’d left the house under my own steam for probably the first time ever! And if I don’t have Elle McPherson’s legs by April …


These trainers were made for Kiltwalking…

Well, the trainers have been purchased. The Kiltwalk tshirt has arrived. There’s no going back now!

Not that the trainers have made it out if the house, yet. Manky weather knocked training on the head today. Not that I need an excuse.

Attended the first Kiltwalk Burns Supper on Friday night. A top night. Thanks to Michelle, Zoe, Paul, Joanne, Johnny, Gill, Shavonne, Richard and Paul for joining in the fun. And special thanks to Johnny for the double gins! Also to Ian @cribfather for the invite. Some great people were winning awards having walked to raise money for charities close to their hearts, and not that we’re competitive, but we want to be up there next year! Much dancing was done to the Soul Kings, and we had a Bollywood masterclass from Richard, who had all the moves. So that’s this week’s exercise taken care of 🙂 Also on track with my 5 a day, thanks to the grapes and juniper berries in the wine and gin. #wilmastraining at it’s best.

Also met Darren @jeangebbie, who’s going to keep us going with soup, once the proper training begins. Saw @cribfather in real life too – he does exist, and had scrubbed up very nicely in his kilt. Had some banter with Cat Harvey, who is a Kiltwalk legend – loved how she laughed when I asked if her training had begun. Good lass 🙂

But first things first. Our team needs a name. All ideas welcome ! And once we have that, I’ll get the trainers on and hit the pavements. Honest!


No stranger to a fish supper…

Well, against my better judgement, mostly due to a well worded email from the Godfather of The Kiltwalk, @cribfather, myself and some colleagues and chums are doing The Kiltwalk. For those of you not acquainted with this, check out An army of tartan and knobbly knees, all doing their bit to raise funds for children’s charities – CHAS, CLIC Sargent, Aberlour Children’s Trust, Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, TACC, (an impressive ÂŁ390,000 in 2012) by walking from Hampden – Loch Lomond. 26 miles. Those who know me can stop the hysterical laughter now, change the Tena Lady and start saving your pennies to sponsor our team. We do know where you live and/or work, and we are not afraid to visit and persuade you to part with your cash, by whatever means it takes. @tartancat and a microphone should do the trick. Or a #skelptarse from @skelptarse – you do not want to go there !

And so, the training schedule begins. Last weekend’s planned walk was snowed off. So I ate my not insubstantial body weight in biscuits instead. And had a fish supper on Thursday. I’m sure that’s the plan the London 2012 team followed. We shall try again this weekend. After I’ve enjoyed some corporate hospitality at @glasgowwarriors game tomorrow – hey, watching does count as exercising, doesn’t it ? It does on #wilmastraining!

So, be prepared for updates on our trainer purchases, eating plans and the odd bit of walking, but mainly our pleas for your cash. It’s all for the kiddies.

Over and out, seems my sweet & sour chicken has arrived. Oops !