It’s a miracle

Yup. Not just the title of one of my favourite songs by the wonderful Trashcan Sinatras,, but it most certainly is a miracle that I managed to walk 8 miles and am still alive to tell the tale.

And yes, I do have a witness – step forward Michelle (@tartancat). Well, maybe not step forward, as she hadn’t taken Ian (@cribfather)’s words of wisdom “it’s all about the socks” to heart and ended up with a manky blister. #attentionseeking

On Saturday morning we donned our walking gear and set off from Kilmacolm to Bridge of Weir along the cycle path at a decent pace – we talk fast, so we walk fast, and we didn’t stop off at any pubs along the way. Honest ! We grabbed a coffee on the hoof at the halfway point, then about turned and headed back. Took just about 2 hours, which wasn’t bad going. And the only casualty (other than the aforementioned blister) was our hair. Both of us being ‘blessed” with curly hair, the drizzly rain en route hadn’t left us looking our most gorgeous. And no, there are no photos !

So, we’re getting there. I’m sure the chicken korma, rice and pakora I had on Friday night was preparation enough. The last time I walked 8 miles was in primary school, so not that long ago really – it’ll all come back to me soon.

Next weekend’s training includes watching Scotland v Ireland at Murrayfield, therefore a few dry sherries are on the cards. But watching sport is just the same as partaking isn’t it ? It is on #wilmastraining 🙂

Also, a big thanks to those who have already donated to our Team In It to Gin it page – and if you haven’t you can do so here,
every little helps !



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