Is this the way to Costa coffee?

Ah, well. It’s ten weeks to the Kilt Walk. Ten fecking weeks!!! And I can’t walk the length of myself. And I’m a shortarse.

So, after a day off work on Friday, mainly spent shopping at the Cadbury shop in Livingston – I decided that Saturday would be the day my trainers ventured outside for the first time. And they did. I’m not so good at walking for no good reason, so decided to head for the new drive through Costa at Darnley, a 5.6 mile roundtrip.

And I did it! Bored the pants off everyone on twitter as I tweeted my way along, but it took my mind off the walking – result 🙂 And rather than sit and drink my coffee, I just bought it and carried on. I have to admit to only talking my bank card with me to pay, if I had cash I might have been tempted to to get a bus back. Because I am a lazy git.

Clearly I am not a new wumman, I have had 2 big bowls of macaroni cheese and lots of sweetie shrimps and bananas for dinner. But only to replace the calories I might have lost earlier. And although I did buy some new socks for walking (“it’s all about the socks”, @Cribfather, 2013) I also bought bacon, rolls and a new dress for work. So still the old Duff.

Was worth it just to see the look on Dad’s face when he realised I’d left the house under my own steam for probably the first time ever! And if I don’t have Elle McPherson’s legs by April …



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